„The Limits of my language are the Limits of my world.”

A trigger for corporate reality decoupling from its environment are strategic frictions. We see frictions as nonlinear changes in relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. They are initiated or accelerated by factors such as technology change, changed macroeconomic conditions, political crises or even changed ethical and aesthetic value structures.

Strategic frictions are located outside the established company horizon. Organizations therefore lack the language and tools to be able to recognize, describe and effectively operationalize them. As a result, companies lose their communicative and operational connection to their environment and the ability to co-develop and interact with the markets. The more this decoupling progresses, the more the company loses the ability to detect and describe strategic fractures through weak or strong signals. A danger that is all the greater when the environment develops particularly dynamically. The opportunity is in recognizing this development at an early stage – and looking for ways out of speechlessness.