Key Notes

In our presentations we open up innovative and multidisciplinary perspectives on strategy, technology and organization. Using exceptional examples, we show how the important topics of culture, purpose and technological competencies are combined to create a strategy that inspires them. to follow pioneering paths in corporate or brand management.

Our lecture formats set accents, awaken, initiate, motivate and inspire to successfully set out on the road to the future.

Here is a selection of our lecture topics:

  • Thinking about digital strategies: What function parasites have in strategy development.
  • Of Iron Giants, Golems and Software Driven Machines: Cultural values and story telling of artificial intelligence.
  • Super Human Intelligence & Consciousness: Why companies that want to become super-intelligent must also make sense and have a conscience. 
  • Entrepreneurship in the age of digitalization: How we can experience and realize radical innovations with Nietzsche, Hölderlin and Schumpeter.
  • Esports and the rise of gamers: What New Work can learn from Mario, Fortenite, Fifa & Co.