„The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

Stories and metaphors offer a way out of speechlessness. They make fractures comprehensible and interpretable. With the multitude of digital and analog media formats available today, virtual worlds can be created that makes it possible to narrate and interpret strategic fractures. Alternative paths, which were previously not visible, can be explored and playfully tried out. The blind spots of the previous strategy and communication become visible, and those supposedly cast in stone can suddenly be moved.

The virtual world is not a passive medium: It is a space of action and experience and offers new instruments for understanding problems. It makes it possible to illuminate and describe the blind spots of the organization.

This has very specific implications for the performance of a company:

  • The findings gained in the virtual worlds are translated into handy road maps for the adaptation of processes, structures and marketing strategies;
  • The expectations, value orientations and motives of the stakeholders are understood and transferred directly into marketing and product development;
  • The view for the framework conditions of our own actions is sharpened and filtered into effective risk management systems;
  • Opportunities for business model and communication innovations are recognized and processed at an early stage;
  • The identification of employees with the company is strengthened by a new, exciting form of coexistence;
  • The interaction with external stakeholders is intensified in a context that is not weighed down by structures and hard facts.