„You cannot stop the wind but you can build mills.”

Revolutionary products, successful re-positioning, innovative marketing campaigns and unusual commitment rarely emerge from the daily business. The necessary energy is not released in the day-to-day activities of the company, which are characterized by sluggish structures, a rigid language, habits and routines.

The “detour” of a virtual world arising from the tension between corporate reality and the reality of stakeholders is the way to trigger the dynamics necessary for change.

Through today’s technological solutions and our cross-industry benchmark library, we can create interactive and multimedia narrative spaces that act as vehicles for alienation, change, networking, and understanding.

“What if?” We can answer this question in a virtual world without taking the restrictions of reality into consideration. And we can playfully test whether these restrictions are actually carved in stone. The virtual world provides the framework for interpreting frictions, integrating external perspectives, identifying opportunities and threats, searching for effective solutions and implementing them in the company.