„I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves”.

Do we remember how it was when our companies were young, aggressive, adventurous and bubbling over with ideas? When we wanted to conquer the world? When we broke all the rules to create new things and to teach the top dogs about fear? When there was still much to win and very little to lose? When we did not look at the start-ups with longing but were start-ups ourselves? When we held the spirit of the times by the horns?

A new world is the way to once again discover the adventurer, the conqueror, the pirate and the desperado in us. The core of this new world must be subversive and attack the central, immovable certainties and specially protected comfort zones of our companies. It has to raise new, unfamiliar and uncomfortable questions.

The virtual world is the strategic resource for questioning and transforming our real world. It is the way to bring friction, a break, meaning and turn it into an awakening.